Peregrine Falcon chases large flock of shorebirds at sunset

Nick Dunlop

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We're not alone
thanks to our many collaborators and fans

Because so many people have been essential to The Peregrine Fund's success over the last five decades, we can't create a single list... but there are many groups we'd like to acknowledge. To protect your privacy, we do not publish individual names online, but please know that we are grateful beyond measure.

Board members are remarkable professionals from a variety of fields around the world who steer the organization toward the goals set out in the strategic plan, Vision 2050. See the list of current board members.

Donors make everything possible, from the hands-on work of releasing birds, to ensuring effective and timely communication with our supporters, partners and followers. 

Falconers are uniquely skilled hunters whose heritage pre-dates the invention of firearms. Their expertise and the birds they contributed for breeding in the 1970s are the foundation of the Peregrine Falcon's recovery.

Field assistants and hack site attendants ensure that young birds reared in breeding programs are safe as they learn to fly, hunt, and become self-sufficient. They also gather valuable data to provide a snapshot of species' health. 

Followers who like, share, and promote our work on social media have created an awareness of raptors that far exceeds what we could accomplish on our own.

Governmental partners provide access and resources, often working hand-in-hand with us to ensure that a country's precious native species are a source of pride for future citizens.

In-kind donors offer a wide array of goods and services that make our work more affordable, from architectural expertise to food for breeding birds. 

Leadership Council is comprised of donors who give $1,000 or more each year and seek a more intimate experience with raptors and the inner workings of The Peregrine Fund. Learn more.

Legacy Circle is our planned giving society, created to recognize donors who have included The Peregrine Fund in their estate planning. Learn more.

Members are our heroes! The first donation to The Peregrine Fund came from two boys who saved their lunch money and took a collection at school to send a few dollars to Tom Cade. They were the beginning of a loyal following that has grown ever since. Become a member.

Memorial donors are friends and family who honor a loved one with a gift to The Peregrine Fund. The honored individual is named in our annual report.

Photographers, videographers, and artists help us share the beauty and drama of birds of prey with audiences far and wide. Most of the images in our publications (and on this website) were donated. See the results of our most recent photo competition.

Private, corporate, and non-profit partners share our passion for birds of prey and contribute their expertise, vision, and financial resources to sustain conservation projects and challenge us to achieve new heights. 

Raptor Rehabilitators specialize in treating sick and injured birds, and are critical local partners in our mission to save species. 

Researchers around the globe collaborate with The Peregrine Fund to answer questions about raptor species and share scientific understanding with people who can best use it for lasting solutions. 

Staff are a committed family of professionals who take pride in their work — from mowing the lawns to releasing the raptors, they are united in their mission to conserve birds of prey worldwide. See the list of current staff members.

Students contribute a bottomless well of curiosity and hard work; with time, support, and academic advising, we help them become exactly the conservation leaders their countries need to conserve raptors for generations to come. 

Tourism partners are passionate, like us, about introducing people to raptors in ways that make life-changing experiences attainable for everyone.

Universities facilitate the formal education of our students, collaborate in publishing, and support the work of countless colleagues whose work complements ours.

Visitors bring us an endless supply of curiosity, optimism, and enthralling "aha" moments that tell us our messages are changing hearts and minds. Learn more.

Volunteers give countless hours, but more importantly, unlimited love—because conserving birds of prey worldwide is truly a labor of love. Learn more.