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The Peregrine Fund's bold plan for the future
Our Mission and our Vision

Drawing on past lessons and successes, our vision for the coming decades applies our expertise to emerging and accelerating conservation problems faced by raptors and communities around the globe. It is ambitious, specific, unifying, inspirational, measurable, and—most importantly—empowering to the people and communities who bring it to life.

Our Mission:

To conserve birds of prey worldwide.

Our Vision:

  • Raptor populations and their ecosystems thrive.
  • Human communities are enriched by our work and raptors are valued by all humans.
  • We serve as the global expert on birds of prey and their conservation.

Our Strategy:

The Peregrine Fund is responding to 21st Century conservation challenges with a new strategic plan based on the conviction of our founders—“we will succeed by using science to inform decisions and by not accepting failure as an option”—so that by the year 2050 we will have helped create a vision of success in which bird of prey populations and their ecosystems thrive; we have enriched the lives of local communities where we work and improved their future; we have earned the reputation and serve as global experts on birds of prey and their conservation; and raptors are valued by all humans.    

Our strategy stands upon three transformative outcomes: conservation, engagement, and capacity.  Conservation will be achieved by preventing raptor extinctions, protecting areas of high raptor conservation value, and addressing landscape-level threats impacting multiple species. Engagement will be reached by inspiring people to value raptors and take action, serving as a catalyst for change, and investing in tomorrow’s conservation leaders.  Capacity outcomes are centered on The Peregrine Fund’s capacity to apply our core values, promise, and guiding principles to complex conservation challenges.  Capacity will be built by assembling the infrastructure, facilities and people, and raising sufficient funds to execute the actions needed to reach measurable, time-bound goals on an iterative five-year planning cycle. 

Read the full "Vision 2050: A strategic plan for 2018-2022"

Celebrate 50 Years with us!

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Statement

The Peregrine Fund is dedicated to conserving birds of prey worldwide for the benefit of all wildlife and humans.


Collectively, we realize that to achieve a truly healthy planet, diversity within our teams is as important as the diversity of wildlife across the landscapes we are conserving.


Our differences are essential, and everyone is equally important to our success as a global organization.


We all contribute to conservation with the skills, resources, and abilities we possess and are always in pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding. This is the work of a lifetime. 


Together we make conservation happen.


The coming decades present emerging and accelerating global conservation challenges for raptors and communities alike. Together we will seek innovative solutions and make scientific knowledge and discovery accessible to everyone, while building deeper partnerships and connections.


We commit to creating inclusive opportunities, to celebrate diversity, to deliver equitable support, and promote accessibility.