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Education Programs and Group Tours

The World Center for Birds of Prey located in Boise, Idaho is the headquarters of The Peregrine Fund. The campus houses our administration building, breeding facilities of critically endangered species, the Archives of Falconry, Velma Morrison Interpretive Center, and trails through the sagebrush steppe overlooking Boise and the Owyhee Mountains. Guests stand in the shadow of California Condors as they get a glimpse into the lives of the largest breeding flock, have a taste of the traditions and passion of falconry and ornithology that saved the Peregrine Falcon, and are invited to get nose-to-beak with eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, and vultures from around the world representing over 20 current global conservation efforts. Come prepared to fall in love with raptors in both outdoor and indoor exhibits.


Guided School Tours

Guided School Tours of The World Center for Birds of Prey are available for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Special Interest Group Tours

Special interest groups are encouraged to make reservations (minimum of 15 individuals), or join our daily programing. Plan your visit here.

Day Camps

The World Center for Birds of Prey is taking reservations for day camps for the Summer of 2024.



Day camps, special interest groups, and 2023-2024 guided school tour reservations may be scheduled with Lily Hodgson at 208-362-8257.