Global Raptor Impact Network

More than half of the world’s raptor species have declining populations and nearly 20% are threatened with extinction. The need to monitor raptors and understand the threats they face is therefore as pressing now as ever. GRIN gives raptor researchers tools to more efficiently conduct their own studies while contributing to a global program. GRIN also provides citizen scientists a way to participate in raptor science and conservation.

Research Library

The Peregrine Fund Research Library was initiated in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest collections of scientific literature on birds in the world. It is housed in a 5,000-sq ft. space in the Gerald and Kathryn S. Herrick Collections Building, which was completed in September 2002.

The collections include more than 23,000 books and reports, 30,000 reprints, full or partial runs of over 1,500 journal titles, and many newsletters, conservation magazines, videos, CDs and DVDs, and maps. The emphasis is strongly ornithological, although there are also many titles on other groups of animals and conservation biology.

Conservation Science

Professional researchers and scientists can find more in-depth information about our work on our website that is dedicated to our research efforts.