Note: Staff who have chosen to provide a biography are shown in bold text below. You may view their biography by clicking their name.

U.S.A. Staff

David Anderson Ph.D.Director - Gyrfalcon Conservation Project
Cindy AttawayDirector of Accounting and Human Resources
Linda BehrmanDirector of Membership
Erin BrannonCondor Field BIologist
Joell BrownDirector of Global Operations
Pat BurnhamBill Burnham Memorial Fund Administrator
S. Kent Carnie(Retired) Curator of the Archives of Falconry
Bob CollinsCurator of The Archives of Falconry
Sam DavilaMaintenance
Marilyn EagletonFront Office Assistant
Curtis EvansEducation Coordinator
Michael GaretsRaptor Specialist
Brian GloshenMaintenance/Landscaping
Jessica GordonVolunteer Coordinator
Alicia GraySales Manager
Jeff GrayumCondor Field Biologist
Tim HauckCondor Assistant Field Manager
Thomas HayesRidgway's Hawk Project Coordinator
Tom HudsonCondor Field Biologist
Martha JenkinsPropagation Manager
Paul JuergensField Biologist
Erin KatznerDirector of Global Engagement
Tate MasonDirector of the World Center for Birds of Prey
Chris McClure Ph.D.Director of Global Conservation Science
Leah MedleyPropagation Specialist
Heather MeulemanCampaign Director
Brian MutchSenior Field Biologist
Nic NelsonDirector of Partnerships
Geoff PampushVP of Global Partnerships and External Affairs
Chris ParishDirector of Global Conservation
Monica PittmanCurator of Birds
Bethany PoythressProposal Development Specialist
Brian Rolek Ph.D.Quantitative Ecologist
Taylor RolisonSystems and User Support Administrator
Sarah Schulwitz Ph.D.Director of the American Kestrel Partnership
Brett SebringSenior Systems Engineer
Amy SiedenstrangArt Director
Heather SpringsteedPropagation Specialist / Registrar
Paul SpurlingDirector of Technology, Senior Software Developer
Kit StevensAccounting Technician
Russell ThorstromDirector, Madagascar and West Indies Projects
Rick Watson Ph.D.President and CEO
Hana WeaverPropagation Specialist
Angela WoodsideCondor Field Biologist
Aaron WuoriPropagation Specialist
Joshua YoungCondor Field Biologist

International Staff

Dominican Republic

Juan Agramonte VargasRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Daniel Alcantara CespedesRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Modesto Balbuena de la RosaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Yuli Manuel Cano MedinaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Juan Valentin CespedesRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Samuel Cordero LinaresRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Alberto De la Cruz MoretaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Pastor De Leon FrancoRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Abrahan De Leon TejadaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Eliseo De Leon VargasRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Junior Jose De Los Santos MoretaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Ariel OzoriaRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Hilario Jorge PolancoRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Daniel Rodriguez HernandezRidgway's Hawk Field Technician
Julio Cesar Sierra RodriguezRidgway's Hawk Field Technician


Hernán Vargas Ph.D.Program director – Neotropical Science and Student Education


Darcy Ogada Ph.D.Assistant Director of Africa Programs
Munir Virani Ph.D.Vice President and Global Director of Conservation Strategy


Tolojanahary (Tolo) AndriamalalaBiologist
Adrien BatouTechnician
Be (Berthin) BerthinTechnician
Augustin N.(Bonhomme) BonhommeTechnician
Eloi (Lala) FanamehaTechnician
Jean Louis Andry (Andry) HiankinantsoaDriver
Eugene LadoanyTechnician
Kalavah R.(Loukman) LoukmanTechnician
Jules MampiandraTechnician
Charles (Vola) RabeariveloGeographer
Berthine RafarasoaJanitor / chef
Jeannette RajesyAdministrative Coordinator
Marius P.H. RakotondratsimaProject Scientist
Michel RakotosonTechnician
Bruno RandrianarimananaSecurity Guard
Donatien RandrianjafiniasaManambolomaty Supervisor
Gaston RaoelisonTechnician
Bien Aimé Rasolonirina
Ernest RazafimandimbyTechnician
Gilbert RazafimanjatoMandrozo Supervisor / Senior Scientist
Joseph RazafindrasoloTechnician
Lova Jacquot M. RazanakotoSecurity Guard
Lily-Arison Rene de Roland Ph.DNational Director, Madagascar Project
The Seing (Sam) Sam
Tongamoelinakily (Akily) SoalihyTechnician
Gilbert TohakyTechnician


Marta CurtiEnvironmental Education Coordinator and Field Biologist

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