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How one species on the brink led to a global conservation movement

Learn the origins of The Peregrine Fund, travel the globe to see how we prevent extinction now, and look ahead to an exciting future of saving species!


This film by WideEye Productions of Boise, Idaho, includes highlights from decades of archived footage from The Archives of Falconry and the estate of Morley Nelson, as well as new footage from our work today.

We are grateful to Kent Burnett and Virginia Carter for providing the funding support needed to produce this commemorative film.

The story continues

Our 50 Year Commemorative Report recounts how saving a single species on the brink of extinction led to a movement that has changed the future for all raptors. Breath-taking photos from our projects around the globe demonstrate The Peregrine Fund's unique balance of people, wildlife, habitat, and research — a story worth repeating for the next 50 years and beyond!

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