Once found throughout much of the island of Hispaniola, the endemic Ridgway's Hawk (Buteo ridgwayi) experienced sharp population declines in the mid-1900s. When The Peregrine Fund began studying the Ridgway’s Hawk in 2000, only about 300 remained. This remnant population was restricted to the small Los Haitises National Park on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic.  Habitat loss was just one of the many threats impacting Ridgway’s Hawks. They were also being shot by people. To make matters worse, botfly infestations frequently killed nestlings, resulting in reproductive rates that could barely sustain this fragile population.

Our Solutions

Two biologists taking measurements of nestling Ridgway's Hawk

Nest Monitoring and Management

Our work includes nest searching, behavioral observations, banding young, and more


Reintroductions through Assisted Dispersal

Our reintroduction efforts have created 2 burgeoning populations of Ridgway's Hawks in Dominican Republic

children draw hawks in the Dominican Republic

Environmental Education

We work with children and adults alike to inspire future conservation leaders and champions for raptor conservation

Field technician climbing a palm tree

Community Engagement & Capacity Building

Conservation efforts cannot succeed without the direct support and involvement and local communities 

A biologist handing a chicken coop to a member of the public while another resident and another biologist look on

Mitigating Human-Raptor Conflicts

We collaborate with local community members to find solutions to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts - to create a world in which humans and wildlife thrive together

Ridgway's Hawk perched on a branch

Collaborating with our Partners in Haiti

In 2019, Anderson Jean and Maxon Fildor, two Haitian biologists, rediscovered a small population of Ridgway's Hawks in Les Cayemites, Haiti. Read more about this amazing discovery and how we are working together to conserve this remnant population

An adult Ridgway's Hawk stands over a fuzzy nestling in the nest

David Anderson

Conserving Birds of Prey in Hispaniola

Our Impacts

  • Near doubling of Ridgway's Hawk population across Hispaniola

  • Two burgeoning populations formed as a result of assisted dispersal efforts

  • 28 local biologists trained and working on our project

  • 25,628 reached through direct environmental education

  • 246 Ridgway's Hawks released through assisted dispersal

  • 234 graduated from training workshops

A Ridgway's Hawk Nestling being held in a person's hand during biological examinatinos

Nico Lormand

Conserving Birds of Prey in the Caribbean

You can help

  • Donate Today. Even a small donation can make a big difference. 
  • Adopt a raptorYou'll help provide food, enrichment, travel, and medical care for one of our raptor ambassadors at the World Center for Birds of Prey. These hard-working members of our staff inspire thousands of people to engage in conserving birds of prey.
  • Celebrate Ridgway's Hawk Day - twice! Every year, on May 25th, we celebrate Ridgway's Hawks in Dominican Republic - as this was the day the first nestling hatched in Punta Cana as a result of our Assisted Dispersal Program. In Haiti, Ridgway's Hawk day is celebrated on August 19th to commemorate the day this species was rediscovered there.  
  • Shop sustainably. When buying bags, shoes, souvenirs or other articles, be sure they are not made of wildlife products and that, if made of natural products, they are sustainably harvested.
  • Travel Sustainably. Traveling with local companies that support conservation, visiting countries that most need tourism money, and using your travel  as an opportunity to meet and get to know locals are great ways to support conservation. 
  • Learn and Teach. Learn as much as you can about vultures and other birds of prey then share what you have learned with friends and family.

Learn More

group photo a large team of biologists on a beach with palm trees in the background

Meet Our Team

Our team of 29 local biologists are the key to this project's success

Ridgway's Hawk Day Celebration in Dominican Republic

Meet Our Partners

Our partners help make our work possible

A closeup of a Ridgway's Hawk's head

Meet the Raptors

Learn more about the raptor species we work with or are found on Hispaniola