Rusty the Eastern Screech Owl

Jim Shane

Explore Raptors on Facebook Live

Join us every Thursday at 2:30 PM (MDT) to meet one of our amazing Avian Ambassadors! Virtually meet and learn all about our education birds from one of their trainers on The Peregrine Fund's Facebook page

Student checks a camera as a Gyrfalcon nestling watches

Neil Paprocki

Virtual Speakers' Series

For fifty years, Peregrine Fund biologists have shown incredible perseverance and set the stage for raptor conservation by saving species worldwide. Hear about the unique day-to-day experiences of Peregrine Fund biologists by joining us for this four-part virtual speaker series.

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A Red-tailed Hawk lands on a trainer's glove in the audience

Jim Shane

Virtual Classroom Visit

Learn about birds of prey by having an educator visit your classroom virtually! For more information or to book for your classroom, please contact Curtis Evans - Education Coordinator at