Mike Wilson | New York, NY

Hi, my name is Mike Wilson, I’m proud to be running my first marathon on behalf of The Peregrine Fund.  I grew up in Michigan and started birding with my father around the same time that The Peregrine Fund first released Peregrine Falcons back into New York City. I moved to New York after college and in just the past few years started running through the urban wilderness of Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Seeing a Red-tailed Hawk or a Bald Eagle overhead on a run through Prospect Park is always a thrill… I would also love to see a Peregrine catch an NYC pigeon one of these days, but so far no luck. Though my own pace cannot be described as fast, it feels appropriate to run my first marathon in support of the organization responsible for bringing back “the world’s fastest animal” to this city.  Nowadays The Peregrine Fund works to protect habitat and prevent extinction of birds of prey around the world, from Panama to Madagascar, and I’m hoping to raise $3500 to help the Fund continue its mission.  Thank you for your support.

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