Nonie Thomas

My name is Nonie Thomas and I am thrilled to be running for raptors! My grandparents are longtime conservationists and appreciators of wildlife, a passion they have passed on to each of their children and grandchildren. I feel so fortunate to have had so many amazing experiences with wildlife, and especially with birds, in my lifetime. Growing up in coastal Massachusetts, I spotted snowy owls in the marsh, watched ducks, hawks, and heron in my backyard, bobbed with sea ducks while surfing, drove alongside marsh hawks as they cruised over the land, saw plovers and sandpipers scurry along the shoreline, and spotted a group of great horned owls. 

When I moved to New York for college, I found that the city had its own exciting world of birds! While rowing at Columbia, I saw eagles nesting and while running around the park I saw all sorts of beautiful species. More recently, I, like many New Yorkers, enjoyed following the activity of Flaco the owl and was heartbroken by his death. Needless to say, birds have added so much joy to my life and I am proud to run for an organization that aims to protect birds of prey!

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