Camila Loera

My name is Camila Loera and I’m a Mexican filmmaker living in Mexico City. As the daughter of a vet, I grew up surrounded by amazing animals and have always cared about their well being. Recently I’ve taken a particular interest in birds and have found bird watching to be one of my favorite hobbies. To sit in silence and contemplate these wonderful beings and their surroundings reminds me that life is so much more than our everyday worries. Birds carry different meanings for every culture; for some it may be freedom or wisdom but birds of prey can be associated with resilience and strategy.  

As a runner, I connect with all of these aspects. When training, we face many challenges that we have to overcome by building physical and mental strength. But once you’ve been running for hours and your mind and body are in sync, one feels, pun intended, free as a bird.  
The 2024 New York City Marathon will be my first ever full marathon and I am beyond proud to be running for such an amazing cause. The work the Peregrine Fund does for raptors carries incredible importance and raising funds for the conservation of birds of prey will help us all make sure we protect those who need it the most so we may leave a better world behind. Let’s go Raptors!