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Record snowfalls and subzero temperatures cause major damage at the World Center for Birds of Prey

It’s raining at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey — and not in a good way. With record snowfalls and subzero temperatures hitting Boise these past few weeks, followed by rapid thawing this week, the interpretive center’s roof began to leak and create small waterfalls and all-out torrents inside the center. In response to the disaster, The Peregrine Fund is launching a special, online fundraiser.

“Fortunately the situation isn’t dangerous,” says Tate Mason, director of The Peregrine Fund’s education program. “No one has been injured and the birds are safe, but we can’t open to the public while our walls and floor are saturated and the roof is still questionable.” A disaster relief crew has begun the cleanup process to remove the snow from the roof and assess the extent of the damage inside the building, which is still unknown.

Despite this setback, staff members are looking for a silver lining. “Maybe this is a sign that it’s time to re-imagine our space,” said Mason. “What if we could rebuild so that we’re presenting birds of prey against the backdrop of the Owyhee Range? From our back door we can see where one of the densest populations of raptors in North America comes to nest. We’d love to make that more accessible to the public.”

“The organization needs to cover at least $25,000 in unplanned repairs, and we’re appealing to the public for help,” said Mason. “Every day we’re closed for repairs is affecting our ability to achieve our mission.” More than 40,000 people visit each year, with the busiest season beginning in March when area students arrive for field trips to learn about birds of prey, endangered species, and conservation. It is urgent to make the necessary repairs in time to prepare for welcoming Boise’s children and future conservationists this spring.

The organization has created a special fund to receive donations for the repairs, and all donations are tax-deductible. You can give at 

For more information, contact:

Erin Katzner
Director of Global Engagement
Main Phone:     208-362-3716
Direct Phone:     208-362-8277

Additional contact

Tate Mason, Interpretive Center Director
(208) 362-8259 direct
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