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Proceedings from conference on Gyrfalcons, ptarmigan, climate change may now be ordered in print form

BOISE, Idaho – The print version of the proceedings of a 2011 conference on the effect of climate change on Gyrfalcons, ptarmigan, and other arctic wildlife may now be ordered from the publisher.

The full-color, soft-cover publication consists of a conference summary by Professor Ian Newton and 73 research papers and related charts and graphs in two volumes:

  • Volume I is 372 pages and includes an overview of Gyrfalcons, ptarmigan, and the Arctic, as well as papers specific to North America.
  • Volume II is 400 pages and includes papers specific to Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, and Russia; papers on related species; and monitoring and conservation strategies.

Each volume is $37, plus shipping and handling. In August, the proceedings will be available on Amazon and the price is expected to increase to $50 for each volume.

Order information:

More than 150 scientists, students, managers, and other conservationists attended the conference, “Gyrfalcons and Ptarmigan in a Changing World,” at Boise State University, Feb. 1-3, 2011. Participants from Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, Russia, the United States, and other nations gathered to share their findings and determine what knowledge gaps remain on this complex topic.

The conference was convened by The Peregrine Fund, Boise State University, and the U.S. Geological Survey. Sponsors included the Environmental Agency-Abu Dhabi, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Since December, the proceedings have been available online at the conference website. Individual papers may be viewed and downloaded at no charge for non-commercial purposes at:

For more information, contact:

Erin Katzner
Director of Global Engagement
Main Phone:     208-362-3716
Direct Phone:     208-362-8277