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Peregrine Falcons Produce First Egg of the Season in Downtown Boise Nest Box

BOISE, Idaho – A pair of Peregrine Falcons produced its first egg of the 2010 season today in a nest box in downtown Boise. Peregrine Falcons typically lay three or four eggs. If all goes well, chicks will hatch in about a month.

For the second year, people are able to watch the new falcon family via a live streaming web camera. The project is a cooperative effort by The Peregrine Fund and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, with camera and web hosting supplied by Fiberpipe.

Peregrines have used the nest box on the 14th floor of the One Capital Center Building, 10th and Main streets, to rear their offspring since 2003. The box is on a ledge that simulates the high-steep cliffs the falcons use in the wild.

Last year, a falcon pair produced four eggs at this site. Three eggs hatched and all the chicks fledged successfully. One died about a week later after being electrocuted on a power pole.

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