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New Eagle Carving Unveiled at World Center for Birds of Prey

Visitors to the World Center for Birds of Prey have been fooled by a new art installation in the center's lobby. The life-size wood carving of a Bald Eagle in flight is so precise that it is easy to believe it could have once been a live raptor.

Titled "Power and Grace," the artwork by renowned wildlife artist Jim Robison of Hopedale, Illinois, is valued at $250,000. It was donated to The Peregrine Fund by Dick Uihlein, a sportsman and patron of wildlife arts from Chicago, Illinois.

For more information, contact:

Erin Katzner

Director of Global Engagement

Main Phone:208-362-3716

Direct Phone:208-362-8277

Additional contact

Susan Whaley, Public Relations Coordinator, (208) 362-8274, cell: (208) 860-2641

Jack Cafferty, Director, World Center for Birds of Prey Interpretive Center, (208) 362-8687