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Documentary featuring a Harpy Eagle released by The Peregrine Fund wins Green Award at Belize International Film Festival

BOISE, Idaho – A documentary featuring a Harpy Eagle produced in captivity and released to the wild by The Peregrine Fund has been named the winner of the Green Award at the recent Belize International Film Festival. 

The documentary tells the story of a Harpy Eagle named Hope that was released into the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management area, an intact expanse of rainforest in northern Belize. Through Hope, the filmmakers show the need to conserve this vital environment for the benefit of mankind and to combat climate change.

The film features Angel Muela, who manages the Harpy Eagle Restoration Project for The Peregrine Fund in Central America. 

"Hope for Climate Change: Harpy Eagle" is a 20-minute color video directed by cinematographers Carol Farneti Foster and Richard Foster. The two-part video may be seen here:

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