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Chris Parish, director of Peregrine Fund's condor field operations, awarded Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science

BOISE, Idaho – Chris Parish, who leads The Peregrine Fund’s condor recovery project in Arizona and Utah, has been awarded a Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science.

The goal of the program is to create a community of leaders in conservation science to address environmental problems in western North America. Parish is one of 20 Fellows who will participate in the yearlong program, which aims to promote collaboration and collective action across several disciplines, geographies, and affiliations.

Each Fellow will set a goal on a specific issue and a team of trainers and mentors will help them use communication and leadership skills to reach that goal. Parish also will meet with experts who specialize in planning strategic actions and building networks.

“We have a strong commitment to making the idea of ‘decisions informed by the best available science’ more than just a catchphrase,” Amanda Stanley said in a Wilburforce Foundation news release. “This Fellowship will empower scientists with the skills they need to connect with decision-makers and engage in ways that shape the policy debate.”

Parish earned a biology degree from Northern Arizona University and worked for the Arizona Game and Fish Department before joining The Peregrine Fund in 2000 to direct the field operations for the California Condor recovery program in Arizona. He currently is pursuing a Ph.D. within the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability at Northern Arizona University.

“I am honored to have been chosen for this opportunity and look forward to exploring new ways to strengthen the skills that will convey scientific findings to the public in such a way that inspires meaningful and lasting change,” Parish said.

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