Habitat Restoration at the World Center for Birds of Prey

The World Center for Birds of Prey is open to visitors who want to learn more about our global conservation efforts and to get nose to beak with many amazing raptors. Habitat restoration is key to conservation success. Situated on a hill south of Boise, Idaho, this site has been historically a robust sagebrush steppe habitat which supports a diverse range of species. We invite you to help us continue to improve the habitat throughout our 580 acre site while getting your team outdoors to have some fun!

Restoration efforts across the campus include planting and maintaining native grasses, shrubs, and forbs while removing invasive plants that outcompete and increase the future risk of large scale fires. Following NFPA's Firewise USA guidelines, this helps protect both native species, visitors, and our breeding facilities for critically endangered birds of prey.

Group Service Volunteers in Habitat

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Scheduled groups will receive a brief introduction to our mission and facilities before spending a couple of hours improving habitat around the campus of the World Center for Birds of Prey! Groups also receive training on native plants and restoration practices throughout the activity from staff and lead habitat volunteers!

Group Service Application
Snow covered habitat restoration area of a sagebrush steppe

Partners with Chronolog

Chronolog is an interactive habitat conservation tool at our site. Visitors are encouraged to submit their photos according to the posted instructions which then adds their images to a timelapse record of the restoration site. Check out the progress volunteers have made in restoring this beautiful sagebrush steppe habitat over time!

Check out the Chronolog Slideshow

For more information, contact:
Jessica Gordon, CVA
Manager of Volunteer Engagement

Main Phone: 208-362-8687
Direct Phone: 208-362-8262
Email: gordon.jessica@peregrinefund.org