The Archives of Falconry is temporarily closed to the public this winter.

  • Renovations are expected to be completed early winter.

About The Archives of Falconry:

The Archives of Falconry (TAF) was initially conceived, developed, and supported by several visionary leaders within The Peregrine Fund including Bill Burnham, Kent Carnie, Tom Cade, and the remaining three founders, Bob Berry, Frank Bond and Jim Weaver. Since its inception, TAF has grown into a world-renowned repository of falconry material culture, and historical records. The Archives collects and preserves falconry heritage and the legacy of notable falconers, including their correspondence, memorabilia, art, crafts, and life stories. Moreover, The Archives interprets significant events, advancements in falconry history, and celebrates the role of falconers in the birth of raptor conservation. Visit and enjoy our interpretive talks and special exhibits!

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