Peregrine Falcon photo by Greg Gard

The Peregrine Fund’s bold plan for the future

Drawing on past lessons and successes, our vision for the coming decades applies our expertise to emerging and accelerating conservation problems faced by raptors and communities around the globe. It is ambitious, specific, unifying, inspirational, measurable, and—most importantly—empowering to the people and communities who bring it to life.

Raptor populations and their environments thrive

human communities enriched

Human communities are enriched by our work and raptors are valued by all

We are the world leader for conserving birds of prey

Conserve Raptors

Prevent raptor extinctions

Protect areas of high raptor conservation value

Address landscape-level threats impacting multiple species

Engage People

Inspire people to value raptors and take action

Serve as a catalyst for change

Invest in tomorrow’s conservation leaders

Cultivate Excellence

Assemble infrastructure, facilities, and people

Raise sufficient funds to execute actions and achieve measurable, timebound goals on an iterative five-year cycle