The Archives of Falconry contains the most comprehensive English-language falconry library in the world. It includes falconry books, articles and essays, manuscripts, equipment, memorabilia, art, field notes, and a substantial media collection on the ancient sport of falconry. Modern falconers were instrumental in organizing the successful recovery effort of the once-endangered Peregrine Falcon.

The collection and preservation of falconry-related materials is the priority of The Archives, and accessions from individuals and clubs are added every year. Each contribution is attributed to the donor and may contain multiple items.

Periodically, an auction of duplicate books is held to raise funds for the operations of the Archives. Falconers often contribute items for sale, such as books and art, specifically for this purpose in addition to their financial support.

Sheikh Zayed Arab Falconry Heritage Wing

The size of the Archives doubled in 2006 with the addition of the Sheikh Zayed Arab Falconry Heritage Wing. Twice-daily tours are conducted by the Velma Morrison Interpretive Center staff and volunteers. This stunning display juxtaposes the heritage of one of the oldest falconry cultures with our American heritage, one of the youngest. The interactive displays help interpret the falconer’s role in conserving birds of prey — a goal of The Archives of Falconry.

Wall of Remembrance

The Wall of Remembrance was dedicated in March 2007 as a way for falconers to remember their falconer friends in a place that honors their passion for falconry. A special time to remember them is held during the annual Rendezvous each March. Individuals are allowed time to recall memories of days gone by and friendships shared.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is a written and visual story of the falconers whose names have been placed on the Wall of Remembrance. Displayed in The Archives of Falconry, it presents personal memorabilia relating to the honored falconer, including photographs, biography, obituary, photos of hawks flown, and personal reminiscences. The book celebrates individual contributions to falconry and conservation of birds of prey.

Annual Spring Rendezvous

The Annual Spring Rendezvous is an opportunity for falconers from near and far to greet old friends, meet new ones, and celebrate their sport. Activities include special exhibits and speakers. A day at the Archives is followed by a banquet that night.

Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle was dedicated in memory of Chad Hunter Cyrus to recognize living donors and their families who contribute, or plan to contribute, significant material support to The Archives of Falconry.

Archives Heritage Series

These publications make available to the falconry and scholarly worlds materials associated with falconry that are of lasting historic value.

Volume I — American Falconry in the Twentieth Century, by Captain R. L. Meredih (1999). This is the first publication of the author's only typescript copy known to exist. Sold out.

Volume II — Life With an Indian Prince, by John J. Craighead and Frank C. Craighead, Jr. (2001). The brothers' day-by-day diary is included with hundreds of color photographs. $135, order here.

Volume III — A Short Discourse of Hawking to the Field, by Sir Thomas Sherley (2004). Presents the first work published in the English language written by a practicing falconer. Sold out.

Volume IV — Bibliotheca Accipitraria II, by John Resler Swift (2011). James Edmund Harting's reference is updated to include new publications through the year 2000.

Volume V — An Ancient Sport in the New World, by S. Kent Carnie (2013). This book documents the roots of falconry and why its current practice in the Americas is unequalled elsewhere in the world. Sold out.

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Our Goals

The Archives of Falconry collects, preserves, and makes accessible the physical evidence of falconers' achievements worldwide and documents their role in raptor conservation. Falconers have made significant contributions to the understanding of raptor biology and conservation.

As the early practitioners of falconry in North America died, falconers realized that the physical evidence of their history was being lost, The Peregrine Fund founded the Archives of American Falconry in 1986. The name was changed to the Archives of Falconry in 2004 to relfect the international origins of American falconry.

Archives History


  • Founded as Archives of American Falconry
  • S. Kent Carnie became founding curator


  • Moved into James N. Rice Memorial Wing.


  • Published American Falconry in the Twentieth Century


  • Published Life with an Indian Prince


  • Began publishing newsletter, Heritage
  • Moved into new quarters in the Herrick Collections Building.


  • Received the Thornton Urn for permanent display.


  • Published A Short Discourse of Hawking to the Field
  • Name changed to The Archives of Falconry


  • David Wells became first professional administrator


  • Sheikh Zayed Arab Falconry Heritage Wing opened


  • Held 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • Wall of Remembrance dedicated
  • John R. Swift became curator
  • Public tours began


  • All books and art cataloged


  • All media cataloged
  • Inaugurated page on Facebook


  • Published Bibliotheca Accipitraria II
  • Held 25th Anniversary Celebration


  • Bob Collins became Curator