The Seing (Sam) Sam

The Seing (Sam)

After secondary school, I began studying natural sciences at the University of Antananarivo andI received my bachelor's degree (BSc) in animal biology and botany from the Sciences Faculty in 1994. Following my BSc, I was trained in the field ornithology at Ranomafana National Park by an American ornithologist. In 1998, I participated in a two-year project establishing Important Bird Areas in Madagascar by BirdLife International-Madagascar. I was an independent biological consultant in biodiversity for several international NGOs, such as Conservation International, Wildlife Conservation Society, Missouri Botanical Garden and the Malagasy Civil Society. I joined The Peregrine Fund’s Madagascar project in December 2004 as a biologist and I began my DEA degree studying the breeding biology of the Madagascar Pochard in 2007.

In 2009, I became involved in the TPF’s Madagascar Project team to establish the Bemanevika protected area which is one of The Peregrine Fund’s conservation sites managed by the local communities to protect biodiversity richness and the mosaic ecosystems. I participated in the Earthwatch International Fellowship program on Blue Swallows in South Africa in 2003 and the British Ecological Society meeting on capacity building in ecology at the University of Bath in 2009. I was one of biologists on the teams that rediscovered two endemic and critically-endangered Malagasy birds: the Sakalava Rail at Kinkony Lake in 2004 and the Madagascar Pochard at Matsaborimena Lake in 2006.

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