Pat Burnham

Bill Burnham Memorial Fund Administrator

Pat Burnham received her B.Sc. degree and taught school in Colorado and Utah for six years. Her life took a new direction when she quit teaching, had her son, Kurt, and became the first volunteer for The Peregrine Fund's Rocky Mountain Program, then in Fort Collins, Colorado. Later she became an employee, working her way from secretary/receptionist to bookkeeper to administrator, a position which she holds today. Pat manages the financial and personnel areas, handles grants and contracts, including billing and reporting requirements, and in general acts as the comptroller for the organization. Other responsibilities include organizing meetings of the Board of Directors, assisting the president and Board members, and overseeing Peregrine Fund functions. She is an editor of the newsletters, the annual report, and other documents and reports produced by the organization.

In her spare time Pat enjoys traveling, reading, and a home life full of animals and birds. She has had the opportunity to work in Greenland on the Arctic program and had on-site visits to many of the national and international projects and programs.

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