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Archives of Falconry curator updates 1891 book, creates comprehensive modern reference book on falconry

30 August 2010
BOISE, Idaho – The premier reference book on falconry, originally written in 1891, has been updated for the first time by John R. Swift, curator of The Archives of Falconry at The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey.

"Bibliotheca Accipitraria II" adds 20th-century materials to the original catalog, making the updated version the world's most comprehensive modern reference book on falconry literature published in the English language. The first book, "Bibliotheca Accipitraria," was written by James Edmund Harting, a 19th-century British falconer, author, and librarian. For 120 years, Harting's book was indispensible to any aspiring falconer wishing to learn the sport.

A life-long collector of rare books on falconry, Swift spent more than 20 years discovering, researching and reviewing new material to add to Harting's catalog. Each citation contains a description of the entry, anecdotal information about the author, publishing history and its significance to falconry.

"The volume of information exploded in the 20th century, but no one had documented publications on modern techniques and equipment," Swift said. "Harting's original book listed 87 works in English and this update contains 615 of them."

The update enables falconers and book collectors to distinguish between various book editions and to identify the rarity and value of each work, Swift said.

Nearly all 615 citations in the updated catalog are housed in the collection at The Archives of Falconry. The 500-page "Bibliotheca Accipitraria II" contains 80 illustrations depicting many of the rarest works on falconry. This is the fourth publication in the Archives' Heritage series.

Pre-publication orders are currently being accepted. The names of purchasers will be listed in the front pages as Subscribers or Patrons, as is the custom with many fine printed books. Books will be printed on archival paper with wider margins to allow for bibliographic notes. Three editions are available:

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