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Now available online: Proceedings from Conference, "Ingestion of Lead from Spent Ammunition: Implications for Wildlife and Humans"

19 February 2009
Research on the effects and risks of lead exposure from spent bullet fragments and shot is now available online.

The documents are proceedings from the conference, "Ingestion of Lead from Spent Ammunition: Implications for Wildlife and Humans," convened 12-15 May 2008, by The Peregrine Fund, Boise State University, Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine, and the US Geological Survey. The conference for the first time brought together professionals in wildlife and human health to share information on the toxic effects of this source of lead contamination.

Conference attendees offered a relatively easy solution: switch to non-lead bullets and shot. Such ammunition is available in most popular calibers and is considered by many hunters to be as good as or better than traditional lead ammunition. Experts said manufacturers will respond to demand, thus solving the problem.

Individual papers may be downloaded at:

An overwhelming weight of evidence presented at the conference shows that:
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