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Aplomado Falcon Hack Site Attendant

Seasonal employment opportunity as a field technician helping to restore the Endangered Northern Aplomado Falcon.  Join our team in the field during circa-late May through August 2021, working as a hack site attendant at a release site along the Gulf of Mexico, Texas. Specific dates to be determined once eggs are collected/hatched.  Successful applicants will be responsible for the care and release of up to 12 young Aplomado Falcons until their independence from the hack site.  Work requirements include working with a partner, outdoors in often difficult conditions.  Must be able and willing to perform physical activities, i.e., hiking, comfortable climbing ten foot ladder onto hack tower, lifting up to 40 pounds, previous field experience helpful, detailed note taking and a project report required upon completion.  

Please see additional project details which are described in this PDF file

Interested applicants should please submit a resume by 15 February 2021 to with "Attn: Brian Mutch" in the subject line of the email.  Please include two references with their contact information.