The Archives of Falconry contains the most comprehensive English-language falconry library in the world. It includes falconry books, articles and essays, manuscripts, equipment, memorabilia, art, field notes, and a substantial media collection on the ancient sport of falconry. Modern falconers were instrumental in organizing the successful recovery effort of the once-endangered Peregrine Falcon.

The collection and preservation of falconry-related materials is the priority of The Archives, and accessions from individuals and clubs are added every year. Each contribution is attributed to the donor and may contain multiple items.

Periodically, an auction of duplicate books is held to raise funds for the operations of the Archives. Falconers often contribute items for sale, such as books and art, specifically for this purpose in addition to their financial support.

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The Wall of Remembrance
Archives of Falconry

Wall of Remembrance

Dedicated in March 2007 for falconers to remember falconer friends in a place that honors their passion. New plaques are unveiled during the annual RendezvousDonate to remember a falconer.

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Viewing the Book of Remembrance
Archives of Falconry

Book of Remembrance

A written and visual story of falconers named on the Wall of Remembrance. Personal memorabilia (photographs, biography, obituary, hawks flown, reminiscences) are included and celebrate individuals' contributions to falconry and raptor conservation. Donate to remember a falconer.

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Archives Arab Wing
Archives of Falconry

Sheikh Zayed Arab Falconry Heritage Wing

Twice-daily tours led by World Center for Birds of Prey volunteers contrast one of the oldest falconry cultures with one of the youngest, and interpret falconry's indispensable role in conserving birds of prey.

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Rendezvous attendees in 2017 examine the markers recently added to the Wall of Remembrance
archives of falconry

Annual Spring Rendezvous

The Annual Spring Rendezvous brings falconers from near and far to greet old friends, meet new ones, and celebrate their sport. Activities include special exhibits and speakers. A day at the Archives is followed by a banquet that night.

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