Peregrine Falcons

Each spring, a pair of Peregrine Falcons raises a family on the 14th floor ledge of a building in downtown Boise, Idaho. Thanks to a webcam at the nest, you can follow the daily lives of these fascinating birds. See the adult falcons court each other with bowing and chirping, watch the eggs being laid, and cheer when tiny chicks first emerge from their shells, then later take their first flights.

The camera is on from late March to July. Video streaming is provided by Fiberpipe Data Centers.

American Kestrels

Bosch Security Systems USA is sponsoring the American Kestrel Partnership and generously donated the high-definition cameras we use. We can now reveal kestrel activities both inside and outside the box, such as adults exchanging prey and defending their nest from trespassers, and fledglings learning to fly, hunt, and survive in their dangerous new world.

We hope to install more webcams on other species of birds of prey in the future. If you would like to help support all our conservation and education programs, including webcams, please become a member or make a donation today!

The Peregrine Fund