The Archives of Falconry Book Auction 2017

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A major objective of the Archives of Falconry is to acquire the most appropriate copy of falconry literature. Also sought are representative volumes, regardless of condition, from the libraries of historic figures in fal-conry. Materials published in non-English languages are also of interest since the heritage of falconry is worldwide.

Donations from supporters help us to expand and upgrade Archives collections. When donations of printed materials duplicate items already in the Archives, the sale of duplicates generates funds which support Archives activities.

Donors receive full IRS tax-deduction benefits and Archives’ supporters (the falconry community) gain in-creased access to the literature of the sport through works previously held in private collections becoming available once again through our Auction.

What is the Silent Auction?

This book sale is a fundraiser and contributes to our operating budget. This sale is conducted as a silent auction using email and surface mail, allowing falconers worldwide to participate. All minimum bid prices and descriptions of condition in the auction list are based on our best evaluation of each item offered.

Who may participate?

This book sale is open to everyone and this announcement is being sent to previous supporters and NAFA members for whom we have valid email addresses. The auction list, instructions and bid form may be downloaded and printed from our website Should you know someone else who might be interested in our auction, please feel free to forward this announcement or direct them to the Archives’ website.

How do I bid?

All bids must be received by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, October 15, 2017.

We encourage you to send in your bids early, as items with tie bids will be awarded to the first bidder. All bids must be in writing and in whole US dollar amounts. Emailed bids to are preferable. Sorry, but we are unable to accept bids by telephone. Please see Bid Form for Archives mailing address if you are using surface mail.

How do I pay for my purchases?

Send NO money now. Winning bidders will be contacted as soon as possible after the closing date. Auction items will be packaged and shipped upon our receipt of your check, money order, or credit card data, payable in US funds ONLY, covering the purchase plus handling and shipping priority mail. We do not use PayPal. We may receive your credit card details over the phone, if you prefer. DO NOT send credit card information via email.

Perhaps you have books that are candidates either for the Archives collection or for a future auction. Either is of great value to us and would be gratefully received. All donations, whether of material or funds, are tax-deductible. [Note however, that as “purchases” successful silent auction bids are not deductible.]

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