Rick Watson Ph.D.

President and CEO

Rick graduated from the University of Bangor in North Wales with a Bachelors degree in Marine Zoology, later graduated with a Ph.D. in raptor ecology from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Conducted Post-doctoral research on ecophysiology of Thysanura in the Namib Desert, Namibia, followed by a variety of temporary field research positions in the United States, studying Roseate Terns to Spotted Owls, as well as two semesters teaching wildlife management in Kenya.

Rick joined The Peregrine Fund in 1990 to start up a new conservation project in Madagascar, and subsequently started a new project in Kenya and Ethiopia, and helped support others in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ivory Coast. Rick was promoted in 1998 to direct all The Peregrine Fund’s conservation work internationally. He currently directs 15 projects in as many countries on three continents, including new efforts focused on the Asian Vulture Crisis (Pakistan, India and Nepal) and development of a regional program to conserve raptors in the Neotropics. Rick was named Vice President of The Peregrine Fund in May 2007.

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