Travis Rosenberry

Library Director

Since childhood Travis was captivated by the freedom and power of the birds of prey that he saw soaring above. This motivated him to study at the University of Idaho, where he received his B.S. in wildlife resources in 1995. Working for private consulting firms in Boise, he conducted field research on a number of projects, including a behavior study on California Bighorn Sheep. Since the birth of his first daughter in 1997, he has been broadening his work experience by finding employment closer to home in other fields. However, he is thrilled at the prospect of getting back to his passion by assisting in the propagation effort for the Aplomado Falcon.

In his off time he and his wife, Melanie, enjoy introducing their three daughters to the natural world around them by hiking, fishing, and hunting. Occasionally dad still manages a round of golf, or a fly fishing trip.

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